Zack Cola

DJ & Producer


That’s how Zack describes himself as a DJ. Consistently digging deep
into his collection of both old and new, he uses his music as a means of connection between himself and the crowd. Having grown up on his
fathers collection of funk and soul, and having his own love for house
music and hip-hop, Zack has acquired the taste for a wide variety of
music. This translates into his sets, where Zack picks apart the different styles, pulling out the elements he would like to incorporate. A very active member of his local community. Zack has seen a wide variety of different crowds in his hometown music scene. Having
opened for the likes of, Denis Koyu, Nora en Pure, Sharam, Starkillers,
MK, Intrinity, Brian Dawe and many more. Having made his international
debut in Cancun in May of 2016, Zack is looking forward to growing his career in the upcoming year.

“For me, its all about the music and the way it makes you feel, playing
the tracks that get the people to move and having a good time is what
its all about”

Music Genres

House, Open Format

Latest Releases