David A



Born in Montreal, David A always knew he wanted to be a musician. At a young age, he studied classical music theory, jazz drum, and classical piano for 6 years until he was 18. In dealing with the conflict of being a classically trained musician as well as an extreme metal-rock enthusiast, he became confused as to what sound he was supposed to create.

In September 2012, David A released his first solo track named “Skrillehammer”, which samples Skrillex’s voice. The track was recognized by Skrillex, and it instantly gained extreme momentum worldwide.
Following the success of his first original song, David started releasing more original content independently. The consistency of his releases brought him fan support, which led him to start touring internationally for a few years (Canada, US, Mexico, Spain, Japan).

Back from tour in 2015, David decided to take a step back from his solo artist project and to focus on his well-being and personal life, in order to replenish his creative mind. He deleted his social media accounts to avoid any distraction from his past and allow himself to embrace a fresh start

Since then, he produced and composed a few songs for some of the top-charting Canadian artists (A-Sho, Down With Webster, Take the Night).

He keeps sharing his love and passion for music, playing weekly DJ gigs in some of the top-rated nightclubs in Montreal.

Music Genres

House, EDM, Open Format

Latest Releases