DJ & Producer


Before being a DJ Arabika, Reda was a determined and passionate young man who organized parties where he was already entertaining people. From "cassettestape" to "cd player", he finally goes to turntables in 1999 with which he mixes since: "He made love to a track and a star was born"!

Of Moroccan origin, he was born on June 23, 1981, in Paris. At the age of 19, he made his first steps in the world of "scratch" and "mix". Aware that he wants to push his limits and bring this passion further, he gets to work and gives himself to heart. For those who aspire to be internationally recognized, efforts are no longer counted when it comes to doing what needs to be done. Well known on the South Shore, he manages to distribute from hand to hand, there and elsewhere, over 2000 copies of his mixtape. Over the years, he has just produced several, all marked by his style and unique touch. Influenced by various musical genres, he manages to make them mix with taste in a universe where the tracks follow each other harmoniously. He combines R & B, hip hop, reggaeton and dancehall, his favorite style.

From house parties to disco parties, DJ Arabika has risen through the ranks one by one, armed with rigor, seriousness and authenticity. In addition to continuing to work on her mix and tweaking her talent on turntables, Reda is involved in several major events. He mixes in the shows of In Essence (TO) and Frank n Dank (TO) at the Joy Nightclub and is invited to the renowned Swirl (May 22, 05, artists present: Tony Touch, Beat Nuts, Nas, etc.). He does not stop there: he shares parties with international DJs, named Dj Finesse (NY - Official Dj of Bad Boy Records), Dj Sassy (UK-Female DJ No. 1 in the world having worked with Jay-Z, P. Diddy, who participated in Eminem's Anger Management Show's European tour), DJ Shy (LA- Asian female DJ, well known in the United States and Asia) in addition to the great American producer, Stretch Armstrong. Also involved on the radio, it is found every Wednesday on the 103.7 FM on the show Nappy noize show where he mixes the latest news. His track record, the most interesting, brought him, in his first professional experiences as a DJ, Fuzzy de Brossard Exit through the club Joy where he has already delighted. Many now benefit from his talent at his current residences, Super 9 on Fridays and U Club Saturdays. He also helps animate the Circus afterhours dance floors where he resides two to three times a month and brings his personal touch to many of his Guest Spots, such as the 1234, among others.

"I want to teach people what vibrating rhythms mean!" To do this, Reda keeps bringing new mixes, making live mixes and scratches, and occasionally bringing back good old classics that we must not forget. Soon, it's his own beats that you can enjoy since he is now preparing to produce it himself. It will be to watch on his next mixtape ...

Music Genres

Hip-Hop, R&B, Open Format